Our Ideology

The guiding philosophy of the International Malaysian Society of Maritime Law (IMSML) is to raise awareness among the maritime lawyers and shipping industry about domestic and international laws, regulations, standards and practices. Our society lays emphasis on the dissemination of knowledge about the workings of maritime laws, mercantile laws, maritime arbitrations and other areas associated with the maritime industry, and the enhancement of skills and expertise.

We also focus our efforts on aligning Malaysian maritime code of practice with the novel maritime law practices exercised across the globe. Our society believes that it is imperative to understand that shipping sector is an inherently international industry, and thus is reliant on a global regulatory structure.

The objective of the association are as follows:

  1. To be a unifying platform for professionals related to maritime and mercantile industry for the growth of maritime, mercantile law and it's practice in Malaysia.
  2. To promote the study and advancement of maritime law, mercantile law and it's practice and administration in Malaysia.
  3. To promote and facilitate the interaction and collaboration with other national, foreign, multilateral organisations, and other related bodies for the development and promotion of maritime and mercantile law and it;s practice.
  4. To furnish a forum for creation of awareness, discussion and consideration of issues relating to maritime law, mercantile law and it's practice, administration and development.
  5. To subscribe to, become a member of and cooperate with any other association, society or organisation that promotes similar objectives or for the furtherance of any objective listed herein.
  6. To promote and maintain international standards of education, qualification and professional conduct for maritime and mercantile related professionals including lawyers in Malaysia.
  7. To promote and facilitate the efficacious dispute resolution processes, including the use of arbitration for maritime, mercantile law or other related disputes.
  8. To establish procedural rules to govern the conduct of maritime arbitrations.
  9. To encourage the maintenance of appropriate facilities and legislative framework for the advancement of maritime and mercantile law and for the conduct of maritime, arbitrations, mediations and others form of dispute resolution.
  10. To provide a means of communications between members of the Society and other bodies concerned with maritime arbitration within the country or overseas.
  11. To arrange for and provide facilities for meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops and arrange for the reading and presentation of lecturers in furtherance of the objectices of the society and demonstrations of the arbitration proceedings.
  12. To print and publish papers, periodicals, magazines, journals, circulars books and other literature and informational material pertaining to maritime law, mercantile law and it's practice and administration.
  13. To disseminate widely the knowledge of maritime law, mercantile law, maritime arbitrations and other areas associated with maritime industry.
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